Any 21st-century business in supply chains, supply chain management and procurement calls for innovative leadership, which can change in accordance with the changing demands of markets that now require greener goods and services. These changes are a direct response to the dictates of good citizenship, which embraces environmental sustainability, especially a need to show stewardship in addressing negative impacts resulting from global warming and climate change. In addition, a green global economy demands harmony within the supply chains in as far as greening is concerned. Suppliers are always an integral component of a successful, environmentally sustainable organisation. In its 2008 report, entitled Green for go: supply chain sustainability, Ernst & Young wrote: "There is no doubt that the growing urgency around green issues will mean that they are set to rise ever higher on the business agenda. The impact of this will be felt across the board, with increasing pressure on the supply chain and procurement arenas to respond and introduce new measures accordingly" (Ernst & Young 2008, p. 1).