Green Capacity (Pty) Ltd is an entity created to address Africa’s shortfalls in human, knowledge, skills, governance, legislative, technological and financial capacity to engage the green (global) economy. As a conduit to implement sustainable development, the green economy brought new levels of willingness to genuinely merge the environment and economy. At the centre of the green economy is the need to move away from the carbon intensive paradigm to what is now popularised as the low carbon economy as well as have governments adapt to global change, especially climate change, water scarcity and biodiversity loss. A greener economy invites major investments into the development of green capacity in the fields of green capacity auditing, new legislation and institutional frameworks, renewable energy, energy efficiency, involvement in the carbon market, clean technologies, awareness raising, creation of green jobs as well as the protection of life supporting ecosystems like biodiversity and water. Overall, the green economy acknowledges that this must be done in order to improve and protect the quality of life mainly through poverty eradication and the institution of good governance in Africa and beyond. The green economy also challenges Africa to realise the emerging opportunities for growth as presented by the need to address climate change.