Communication is a cornerstone in terms of green economy capacity development across Africa. Hence Green Capacity (Pty) Ltd has dedicated staff members that deliver the green economy agenda message(s) in palatable packages to various key stakeholders

Consumers and responsible citizens now expect corporates and governments to account for their carbon footprint and to ‘do something’ about it. In addition, there has been an increase in carbon regulatory frameworks at all levels (global, continen

Clean Technologies (also known as Environmentally Sound Technologies or Green Technologies or Sustainable Technologies or Smart Technologies) is a major pillar in green economy capacity enhancement. Such technologies have provided a platform that is

Through a continuous and cyclical process informed by a Green Economy Capacity Audit Model (GECAM), Green Capacity (Pty) Ltd audits several Green Economy Capacity Zones, among them policy and governance, projects as well as disclosure. Two forms of a

Any 21st-century business in supply chains, supply chain management and procurement calls for innovative leadership, which can change in accordance with the changing demands of markets that now require greener goods and services. These changes are a

At Green Capacity (Pty) Ltd we take time to advise our key stakeholders that include governments, business and industry, organised labour and individuals on green economy and other environment related policy trends. This is done in order to benchmark

The work undertaken by Green Capacity (Pty) Ltd is informed by solid research focusing on our major business units. The findings are translated into useful hands-on and policy rich information. From such research, key innovations and models addressin

To address human capital development needs, Green Capacity (Pty) Ltd offers affordable on-and-off site generic and tailor-made short learning courses aligned to understanding concepts and trends regarding the green economy. Green Capacity (Pty)

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) makes provisions for national governments to report and communicate progress made regarding the manner in which climate change would have been addressed over a period of time. Many co

Climate change is here to stay and we cannot wish it away. To this end, Green Capacity (Pty) Ltd offers lasting solutions in the following key areas:  mitigation (reduction of greenhouse gases that cause climate change), adaptation (how to live